IP Whitelist with TLS Tunnel

Pinggy provides the capability of IP whitelisting, allowing access restrictions based on specified IP addresses or ranges. This feature permits connections solely from designated IP addresses while disregarding requests from other addresses without any response.

Start tunnel with IP Whitelisting as follows

ssh -p 443 -R0:localhost:<localport> -t tls@a.pinggy.io w:IP1
ssh -p 443 -R0:localhost:<localport> -t <token>+tls@a.pinggy.io w:IP1

Like basic authentication, one can set multiple ip addresses as well.

ssh -p 443 -R0:localhost:<localport> -t tls@a.pinggy.io w:[IP1[,IP2[,IP3..]]]
ssh -p 443 -R0:localhost:<localport> -t <token>+tls@a.pinggy.io w:[IP1[,IP2[,IP3..]]]

You can customize the command here:

Invalid CIDR Format
Invalid CIDR Format
Alphanumeric characters only