SSH IoT device from anywhere

Your IoT device such as Raspberry Pi does not have a public IP address? No problem, with Pinggy you can ssh into your Raspberry Pi and other similar IoT devices from anywehere.

You need to sign in to Pinggy to create TCP tunnels.

Once you sign in, you will be presented a dashboard where you will find your access token.



Create a tunnel to you IoT device, just use a single command as follows.

On your IoT device, run the following command to start a tunnel to port 22 and with token b0b87d56-653f-45fb-98d9-8e43779c9081:

ssh -p 443 -R0:localhost:22

Replace 8000 with the port where your service is running.

Replace b0b87d56-653f-45fb-98d9-8e43779c9081 with your own token from the dashboard.

This will give you a public URL like:


Given this public URL and port you can now ssh into your device using the command:

ssh -p 40527

Replace the username with the username of the IoT device, and use the url and port from the output of the first ssh command.