Ingress for dev/test environments

Pinggy provides a secure gateway for dev/test environments, enabling developers to easily test and preview applications and APIs.
Pinggy Dev/Test Environment Gateway


Secure connectivity to dev/test is hard

We’ve all been there! As a developer, you waste a lot of time and effort tweaking firewall settings and routing configurations when we want to:

  • Test integration with webhook providers and external APIs
  • Preview websites and applications with fellow team members
  • Test and validate mobile backends


Connect to dev/test with one command

Serve apps and APIs securely from localhost or your dev/test/sandbox environment with just one command or one line of code.

  • No need to spend cycles changing network configurations on firewalls, proxies, and gateways
  • Share apps with teammates instantly
  • Reproduce HTTP and webhook requests with a single click

Boost developer productivity

Save time and effort

Achieve 90% time savings with development, testing and debugging in real-time. Free developers from having to navigate complex networking and firewall configurations.

Accelerate time to market

Iterate swiftly, expediting dev/test cycles and incorporating extensive feedback loops from customers and team members. This ensures agile and efficient collaboration.

Deliver higher quality software

Improve production quality and minimize risks by testing real-world scenarios, ensuring dependable and resilient solutions.

Robust security and controls

Authenticate and authorize

Use your preferred Identity provider such as Okta, Azure AD, or Google Suite to restrict access to developer apps.

Enforce policies

Enforce mTLS, IP restrictions, and validate webhook request signatures at the edge. Centralize ngrok account management to prevent developer account sprawl under IT control.

Monitor traffic

Block unauthorized requests even before they reach your service, and monitor events in your SIEM or observability tool by forwarding logs and traffic flow.