Basic Authentication

Pinggy provides a mechanism to authenticate visitor connections using basic authentication. With basic authentication, browser would prompt visitor to insert client selected username:password as follows:

Basic Authentication

Note: Both the username and password provided for basic authentication cannot contain the ‘:’ (colon) character.

Client can enable basic authentication as follows:

ssh -p 443 -R0:localhost:<localport> -t b:username:password
ssh -p 443 -R0:localhost:<localport> -t <token> b:username:password

One can add multiple username:password combination as follows:

ssh -p 443 -R0:localhost:<localport> -t b:username1:password1 b:username2:password2
ssh -p 443 -R0:localhost:<localport> -t <token> b:username1:password1 b:username2:password2

You can customize the command here:

Invalid CIDR Format
Invalid CIDR Format
Alphanumeric characters only