Pinggy - Quickstart

Pinggy is the easiest way to get public URLs for your localhost. You can use it to quickly host a website from your laptop, receive webhooks, share files, connect to your Raspberry Pi, and more.

Follow the three simple steps to get started:

Step 1: Run your service in localhost

First you need to run the service you want to share in localhost. For example you may be using a webserver like Apache. Make sure your service is available in a localhost URL such as http://localhost:8080.

You can quickly launch such a server for testing purposes using Python: python3 -m http.server . This will start a server at http://localhost:8000.

Step 2: Create a tunnel using a single command

Replace the port 8000 with the localhost port where your service is running.

Step 3: Access through public URL

The above command will provide you http and https URLs as follows:

// You can access local server via following URL(s):

You can access your localhost service using these URLs.