Public URLs for Localhost

Without downloading any binary

Create HTTP, TCP or TLS tunnels to your Mac/PC.
Even if it is sitting behind firewalls and NATs.

Quickest way to

Share your websites and apps in seconds!

  • Skip uploading to cloud
  • No need to download any tool
  • Get custom subdomains
  • Link your own domain
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Secure tunnels to your private network.

Share files instantly

Get a public URL for your files and share them directly from your laptop.

Connect your IoT

Access your IoT devices from anywhere with Pinggy public URLs. You can also now SSH into your devices through Pinggy TCP tunnels.

Receive Webhooks

Host your chatbots in your local network and receive webhooks through Pinggy tunnel.

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Free for life
  • Single command tunneling
  • 10 minutes tunnel timeout
  • HTTP and HTTPS tunnels
  • TCP / TLS tunnels
  • Random domains
  • Restricted bandwidth and connections
  • Free mail support



(billed annually)


(billed monthly)
  • Everyting in Free plan
  • 1 persistent tunnel
  • Persistent subdomain
  • HTTP / TCP / TLS tunnels
  • Priority mail support

  • Coming soon
  • Custom domain support
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Pro Team


(billed annually)


(billed monthly)
  • Everyting in Pro plan
  • 5 persistent tunnels
  • 5 persistent subdomains
  • Unrestricted bandwidth
  • Slack Support

  • Coming soon
  • Account sharing with team
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