Share files directly from your PC

Sharing files quickly can be a pain when you need to sign in to a cloud drive, upload files, manage sharing settings, etc. With Pinggy you can share files directly from your Mac / PC without having to upload it in a drive.

This tutorial explains how you can share files form localhost directly through public URLs provided by Pinggy.


  1. Python ( version 3 or higher )
  2. If you do not have python, you can also use NodeJs.

Step 1: serve your files locally.

Using Python, navigate to the directory which you want to share. Then run the following command.

python -m http.server

If you are using NodeJs, use the following commands:

npm install http-server -g
http-server -p 8000

Step 2: start Pinggy tunnel.

Create a tunnel using the command:

ssh -p 443 -R0:localhost:8000

Access your files using the URLs given by Pinggy after the above command.


You can access local server via following URL(s):